Weavy Colors Mask Set (2)

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The keffiyehs used for these masks come from the Herbawi Textile Factory in Hebron, which is the only remaining keffiyeh factory in Palestine. These keffiyehs are 100% soft, breathable cotton that transmits moisture away from the body. The traditional keffiyeh is black and white, and these keffiyehs have been contemporized using multiple colors to celebrate this iconic Palestinian pattern.

The masks are directly made in Palestine to provide employment for Palestinian workers and families while providing protection for you. We kindly appreciate your support!

  • 3 cotton layers
  • Washable and reusable
  • We ship from the US
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  • We ship internationally
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    By purchasing a mask:

    • You are protecting yourself and others
    • You are supporting the keffiyeh industry in Palestine and Palestinian workers
    • You are supporting causes and non-profits in this difficult time.
    • You are promoting Palestinian culture in your communities.

    To Wear:

    • Put cotton loops behind ears, and
    • Spread fabric to cover chin.
    • Wash mask often and/or steam iron for 15 seconds to sanitize.
    • Avoid touching the outside of the mask and wash your hands!



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