Keffiyeh Masks, LLC is a socially responsible brand, family-run business based outside of Washington DC.

Keffiyeh Masks was conceived as co-founders Kiersten and Bshara found themselves at home during the first lockdown of covid-19. With work and opportunities coming to a halt for their work, they both were faced with the question, “How can we turn this into an opportunity to create something new?” What started out as a volunteer-based sewing adventure blossomed into a full-scale business that has provided hundreds of families with protective masks using the contemporary Palestinian patterned scarf known as the Keffiyeh.

Our commitment as a Palestinian organization is to support Palestinian artisans in the West Bank during the multiple lockdowns in the area over the past year. The initiative has since expanded to work with diverse artisans and suppliers to bring you other products such as arts, accessories, and clothing items.

When you purchase from our store, you are not only supporting our business, you are helping to support families in Palestine and non-profits in the US (see giving for more information).

We offer Palestinian hospitality. We promise to follow up and address any of our customers questions/concerns. We know that shopping online can be a daunting task. We hope that you feel at home when visiting our store. 

We are proud to put our customer first. If you email us, one of our owners will most likely be the one getting back to you. That's how important your customer experience is to us!

Management Team:

Jwana is the social media manager at Keffiyeh Masks. She lives in Bethlehem, Palestine where she was born and raised. She studied English Language and Literature at Bethlehem University. She is an English teacher in a school in Palestine, and she’s very passionate about writing.


Bshara Nassar grew up outside of Bethlehem in Palestine, on his family’s educational farm, called Tent of Nations. He came to the U.S. in 2011 to pursue his master’s degree. He’s always been passionate about sharing Palestinian culture and telling their story as a people. In 2014 he founded the Museum of the Palestinian People which is based in Washington D.C. 

Kiersten Rossetto Nassar was born and raised in Mechanicsburg, PA. She studied peacebuilding and development at Eastern Mennonite University in Virginia, which is where she met Bshara. Her background is in refugee resettlement and integration and it remains a strong focus — working with communities and cultivating communities that welcome everyone and allow them to feel safe.

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